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In January , a billionaire business mogul — then the 94th wealthiest person on the planet — committed suicide. Because of a huge loss of wealth.

It all starts with you

Evidently, a future with fewer billions was not a future he could face. From his perspective — inside his mind — he could not go on living.

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At the other end of Designed and maintained by Q Digital Studio. We each experience our losses in life differently. God, even while my heart is crying, You fill me with your grace and blessings. Having goals for that commitment written down that we can come back to helps us to stay on track and those around us feel secure because of our commitment to not stray from the pursuit of loving them and God. Hand-in-hand with commitment, faithfulness is the character quality that maintains the commitments we have made to those around us.

Faithfulness is bigger than our goals.

It has the end in mind, but it also has stewardship of what God has given motivating us to finish well. There are a lot of details behind leaving a legacy of love. In the article below, 7 Steps to leaving a Legacy of Love , there are measures to be taken to ensure our inner circle is loved well beyond us. We might have to go without now to be able to ensure our legacy later. It will mean taking survey of our current situation and being willing to adjust to make sure our future plans are successful.

A Legacy of Love and Service

Consistently communicating to those around us that they are loved is foundational to their emotional security. We also communicate by our actions, not just our words.

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We will need to be clear in our communication and include those in our care with our plan of provision for them. Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones.

Legacy of Love

Verified by Psychology Today. Broken Hearts. When long term relationships end due to the death of one of the partners, there's an inevitable adjustment to the new reality of life without that person who has always been there. Adaptation to the radical changes in life of a surviving spouse is arguably one of life's most difficult transitions. There's no doubt that in the immediate aftermath of the death of a spouse, pain and confusion are two of the most probable reactions. Even following a long-term illness, where there has been substantial time to prepare, the overwhelming impact of the reality of the death is devastating.

It quickly becomes obvious that there's no way to effectively prepare for the finality of death. We recognize that all relationships have ups and downs and highs and lows, but for purposes of this discussion, we are focused on long term relationships that were essentially loving and positive. Over the course of 30 years of helping grieving people, we've listened very carefully to what they've told us.

A legacy of love | Company of Women

What we heard were accurate reports of wonderful relationships, yet there was often a tremendous amount of pain attached that didn't reflect the story of the relationship. At that point we realized that almost immediately following a death, people often develop a relationship to their pain about the end of the relationship, which somehow seemed to supersede the relationship itself, with all its wonderful events mixed with the normal struggles and frustrations.

As we observed this all-too-common phenomenon, we realized that many people were inadvertently associating the pain that they experienced and re-experienced, as an equation for the love they had felt and now missed. We then were able to create some helpful language that simply said: "Pain doesn't equal love, love equals love.

It's obvious that in the first few weeks or months following the death of their spouse, a grieving person would be overwhelmed with a level of emotional pain that is difficult to describe. In fact, that kind of reaction is quite normal. Even though we spend a considerable amount of our energy trying to dispel the myth that time heals all wounds, we were confused with the frequency with which we observed people to be in an intense level of emotional pain long after a death had occurred.

By long, we mean years. Recognizing the phenomenon we'd labeled as people's relationship to their pain, we began using a piece of language to help grieving spouses shift from living in pain to the idea of completion. One day while talking to a griever on the phone we said, "It doesn't seem right that a relationship that should leave a legacy of love has turned into a monument to misery for you.

We have since said that thousands of times, each time with the aim of helping someone break out of their relationship to pain so that they could begin to complete what was emotionally unfinished with the person who died. One of the traps of grief and then unresolved grief, is the almost diabolical speed at which the relationship to pain develops, takes root, and becomes almost permanent.

You've probably known someone who has been reciting a litany of pain for years and years. It may have been very frustrating for you not to be able to help them. Whether you are a mental health professional, a friend , or family member, at some point you may have realized that by allowing that person to endlessly repeat their sad story, you were not necessarily helping them.

But, as you much as you cared for that person, you may not have been able to communicate to them what we have said in this piece.