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You want to know your kids are provided for in case something should happen to you. Even if you know what you're getting into when you accept a job with the potential for hazard pay, knowing you'll be compensated a bit more makes the threat easier to handle.


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Hazard pay is an extra payment on top of your regular salary to compensate for hazardous working conditions. Some workers get hazard pay if the working conditions cause extreme discomfort or distress, especially if the effects of those conditions can't be reduced with protective gear or other modifications.

The extra pay is compensation when your job duties could cause serious injury or death. No laws exist that say an employer must pay hazard pay, so it's up to individual employers to decide whether to offer it. Sometimes, the extra pay comes about through collective bargaining rather than the employer offering it freely.

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The terms of the benefit and how the employer implements it can also vary since no laws govern it. Hazard pay usually goes on top of the regular hourly wage.

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It typically only applies to the actual hours in which you work in the hazardous conditions. If only 25 percent of your workload puts you in difficult situations, you may only get the extra pay on that portion of your paycheck.

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You get paid your regular hourly rate for the other 75 percent of your paycheck. If your employer offers hazard pay for your position, work with HR to find out which circumstances qualify for the extra payment. You also need to know how to track the hours based on the job duties at the time. Employers handle all aspects of hazard pay, including how much you get, so the best source of information for specific figures is your company.

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The extra amount might be a percentage of your base salary. Commissions provide incentives for workers to be productive, but they can cause some problems. For one thing, a policy of compensation by commission can create an intensely competitive atmosphere among workers, which may actually undermine the business by creating a hostile work environment. Not only can this method be burdensome for the employees, but it causes them to not know how much they are going to be earning from month-to-month. Severance pay is given to employees upon termination.

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Hazard pay is additional pay for performing dangerous or physically demanding work. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Bryan Cranston Walter White Anna Gunn Skyler White Aaron Paul Jesse Pinkman Dean Norris Hank Schrader credit only Betsy Brandt Marie Schrader RJ Mitte Walter White, Jr. Bob Odenkirk Saul Goodman Jonathan Banks Mike Ehrmantraut Fred Cruz Adam Estiguez Matt Jones Badger Emily Rios Andrea Cantillo Jesse Plemons Todd Mike Batayeh Dennis Markowski Franc Ross Ira Charles Baker Edit Storyline Walt, Jessie, and Mike's business starts back up.

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