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Unleash the Power of OneNote

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Privacy Policy Protecting your private information is our priority. Use of your Personal Information Bio X Cell collects and uses your personal information to operate its website s and deliver the services you have requested. Instead of repeating all of that, this chapter is here to introduce you to all the things that OneNote can help you do. Just from the name of the product, you have already guessed the number one use for OneNote: Putting all your notes in one place.

All of these solutions rely on the basic capabilities of OneNote. I The built-in features that Microsoft knew you would want were provided as best they could. But that is only the beginning of what OneNote can do for you. Do design work?

Unleash the Power of OneNote : Kathy Jacobs :

OneNote allows you to combine text and graphics on the same page; you can easily create rough sketches, annotate, and store them. Create storyboards for presentations or videos? OneNote lets you create the basic storyboard content, move it around, add to it, remove items, and share it for review. Create websites and pages? OneNote can act as your never-ending piece of paper to help you determine your basic layout.

This is even easier than doing the design on paper. Because you can move elements anywhere on the page, changes become easy. Once you have the rough design done, you can even save your design as a Web file and bring it into your formal site creation environment. Need to keep a kid occupied? OneNote can act like a giant, never filled drawing tablet or coloring book.

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  • Even better, any game you can play on paper can be created in OneNote. Use it on a Tablet PC or a Notebook, and you save resources and eliminate clean up. Need to record a lecture or meeting? OneNote will let you record the sound and even the video while you continue to take notes. Even better, it will mark the multimedia files so that you can pull up what was being recorded while you were taking notes. Listening to a piece of music you need to learn to play or sing? Record it with OneNote and you can add your own annotations to know what is going on in the piece.

    Need to create choreography for that piece? Listen to the piece and draw your dance movements as it plays.

    Before we go too far into how to do all these great and miraculous tricks with OneNote, let's cover how OneNote came to be the tool you are using today. The information in this section is either summarizations or actual quotes of Chris Pratley's Web blog. To you and me that means that he is the manager responsible for Microsoft's Word, Publisher, and OneNote teams.

    The two discussed creating a new outlining tool that would allow Office users to more easily track information that " While Chris is a self-proclaimed non-outliner, the idea of meeting the need was very interesting to him. He started thinking about how to make work "drastically easier" for people who create unstructured notes, as well as those who were more used to a structured approach to information storage.

    To get a really great idea of what he ended up with, let's read from the man himself:. Over the holidays I thought about this more not that I thought hard - it was more of a percolation. In January I blasted out a draft "vision" document to describe a new tool that would be what I would want to make my daily work life more effective. Of course it wasn't just for work- it would be useful for all sorts of things. In fact when you break down work into its component parts, your non-work life or student life starts to be pretty similar: things to do, important stuff to remember, things to review, and a bunch of stuff you think you might need some day but can't be sure.

    Not to mention phone numbers, passwords, frequent flyer numbers, people's names and addresses, links, blah blah blah. Things that defy categorization or do they? The key insight I had at this point was that whatever this tool was, it had to let you capture the thought or piece of info as you had it without forcing you to deal with any software goo up front.

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    To take a note in Outlook you had to find the place where you were allowed to take notes. But if it was a phone number, you were supposed to use Contacts, but you had to create a contact and name it before you could save the phone number. Anthony Lawrence is an up-and-coming lawyer, whose career is interrupted by the Korean War. On the eve of his decision to run for political office, he finds himself about to defend a down-and-out friend in a murder case that threatens to expose the Main Line's darkest secrets.

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