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As the Brookings findings indicate, younger Americans seem to have no grasp of what our First Amendment says, much less of the kind of speech it protects. This is a testimony to the collapse of civics education in the United States, creating the conditions that make young people uniquely susceptible to demagogy of the left- or right-wing varieties. As a woman of color I think X. As a gay man I think Y.

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As a person of privilege I apologize for Z. This is the baroque way Americans often speak these days. It is a way of replacing individual thought — with all the effort that actual thinking requires — with social identification — with all the attitude that attitudinizing requires.

In recent years, identity politics have become the moated castles from which we safeguard our feelings from hurt and our opinions from challenge. Another consequence of identity politics is that it has made the distance between making an argument and causing offense terrifyingly short. Instead it is seen as immoral, and therefore unworthy of discussion or rebuttal. For fear of causing offense, they forego the opportunity to be persuaded.

Take the arguments over same-sex marriage, which you are now debating in Australia. If you want to make a winning argument for same-sex marriage, particularly against conservative opponents, make it on a conservative foundation: As a matter of individual freedom, and as an avenue toward moral responsibility and social respectability. The result was to give the Trump base a moral pass it did little to earn. Yet we in the United States are raising a younger generation who have never been taught either the how or the why of disagreement, and who seem to think that free speech is a one-way right: Namely, their right to disinvite, shout down or abuse anyone they dislike, lest they run the risk of listening to that person — or even allowing someone else to listen.

The results are evident in the parlous state of our universities, and the frayed edges of our democracies. I began this talk by noting that Americans have rarely disagreed so vehemently about so much. Yes, we disagree constantly. But what makes our disagreements so toxic is that we refuse to make eye contact with our opponents, or try to see things as they might, or find some middle ground.

Instead, we fight each other from the safe distance of our separate islands of ideology and identity and listen intently to echoes of ourselves.

We take exaggerated and histrionic offense to whatever is said about us. We banish entire lines of thought and attempt to excommunicate all manner of people — your humble speaker included — without giving them so much as a cursory hearing. The crucial prerequisite of intelligent disagreement — namely: shut up; listen up; pause and reconsider; and only then speak — is absent.

Fox News and other partisan networks have demonstrated that the quickest route to huge profitability is to serve up a steady diet of high-carb, low-protein populist pap. Reasoned disagreement of the kind that could serve democracy well fails the market test. Those of us who otherwise believe in the virtues of unfettered capitalism should bear that fact in mind.

I do not believe the answer, at least in the U. It too, suffers, from its own form of ideological conformism and journalistic groupthink, immunized from criticism due to its indifference to competition. Journalism is not just any other business, like trucking or food services.

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Nations can have lousy food and exemplary government, as Great Britain demonstrated for most of the last century. They can also have great food and lousy government, as France has always demonstrated. In other words, journalism that is grounded in facts while abounding in disagreements. I believe it is still possible — and all the more necessary — for journalism to perform these functions, especially as the other institutions that were meant to do so have fallen short.

Their role is to clarify the terms of debate by championing aggressive and objective news reporting, and improve the quality of debate with commentary that opens minds and challenges assumptions rather than merely confirming them.

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Carlo Favaretti Physician, public health specialist. Il reddito di cittadinanza Il primo ingrediente sta dove uno non se lo aspetterebbe. Kindle Edition Anche se molto orientato alla situazione americana, i 12 fattori dirompenti che stanno guidando la trasformazione dei sistemi sanitari possono offrire anche a noi italiani e europei degli spunti utili. Seleziona e forma i medici del futuro in modo opposto a quello usato per i medici del passato. Crea un patrimonio, integrato e interoperabile, basato su di un sistema di registrazioni di dati sanitari che permettano lo sviluppo di App centrate sui pazienti e i possibili fornitori di assistenza in modo che le informazioni sanitarie siano integrate almeno quanto sono quelle affidate ad AMAZON per gli acquisti e a NETFLIX per le preferenze sugli spettacoli.

Una lettura, come quella del precedente Connectography, obbligata! Un approccio sistemico sembra assolutamente necessario. Vorrei proporvi tre riflessioni diverse sul tema. Si tratta di un dato puramente empirico e convenzionale. Ma quali sono le pensioni che hanno bisogno di questo sostegno assistenziale, e quali invece no? Apartment with terrace and swimmingpool. La casa immersa nel verde con ampio giardino e piscina. E' in posizione centrale tra Lazio e Umbria lungo l'autostrada A1.

Casa in Sabina. It is nestled in the green scenery of olive groves on the crest of a hill with breathtaking views in all directions from Rome to the Sabina hills.

The apartment can be rented for short period max 30 days. It is closed from 1st November til 20 march. Provided to Guests : shared washing machine. Crib available. Kitchen : kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, fridge, freezer, mini oven, kettle, coffee maker, expresso coffe maker,toaster.

Outdoor facilities : Swimming pool, garden, private terrace with barbecue. Entertainment and electronics: Internet wifi , Internet cable. Heating and air conditioning. Suitability : Child-friendly.

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From our property you can visit a region full of interesting archaeological areas, historical and natural sites Rome 40min, the Farfa Abbey 10min, the Tivoli Gardens, the Bracciano Lake and Castle, etc. A tasteful, fully restored studio apartment with kitchen and shower bathroom. It is located near the highest piazza in an enchanting medieval castle, which is untouched by mass tourism. It is the perfect place for a tranquil visit, walks in nature, etc. There is no TV; WiFi is available at the village bar.

It is an artistically decorated and stunningly lovely space dating from or before, with original ceiling beams and arch. It includes a kitchen area with cooker and full sized frig-freezer. There is a portable, steel frame narrow bed available on request, and suitable for a child or for an accommodating third adult.

Bocchignano is ancient castle village, remarkably unaffected by the modern world. Villagers greet each other when passing, so you should be expect to be greeted. The village bar is open daily in summer from 6 AM and serves quality coffee. There is also a small grocery store in the village for your immediate needs. Guests can enjoy lovely walks in nature, both near the village and at the Oasi del Farfa.

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The Abbey of Farfa, one of the finest in Europe, is only a short drive away. All is explained in the guest booklet in the apartment. Le Scalette studio apartment. Magnifica vista sulla valle del tevere. This cheerful and spacious room overlooks the main square of Poggio Mirteto. I have lived many years in the East so the room has an oriental touch. Renovated in a fun and original way, the flat still has many of its original features.

This is a great old building in the main square of Poggio Mirteto. The room is very cosy and will make you feel immediately at home.

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In the square outside there are bars and restaurants and the town has a quiet authentic buzz The room looks out onto the main square which has a few bars and restaurants so in the summer with the windows open it can get a bit noisy at night I also have a second single bedroom. Poggio Mirteto is in the heart of the Sabina region with its beautiful olive groves and hilltop medieval towns.

It is just a short step away from Rome but it is another world and a great getaway from the city. The apartment is a good place for cyclists passing through the hills of the Sabina region - I also have a secure space where you could put your bicycles overnight.

Bright room with great view over the main square. You can find this charming house in the historical center of Fiano Romano in the area north of Rome, only 30 Km from Rome city center. Connected by the highway to reach Rome in about 40 minutes. The house was completely refurbished in and provides all the modern comforts of home. Quaint 19th century house located in the medieval city center with a 15th century Castle from noble Orsini family. A staircase brings you to the first floor into the spacious living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom with shower, little kitchen and 2 balconies.

An internal staircase takes you to the 2 ample terraces with panoramic views of the Sabina Lands an ancient population that settled nearby before the Romans. From the terraces there is a splendid view of the snow topped Mount Terminillo.

E sempre provare i dolci locali con miele e zucchero bianco. Tranne le escursioni, prova e mescolare con la gente del posto per ottenere il massimo dal vostro viaggio. Se non si riesce a ottenere invitato, proprio la testa per non invitato in una sera del giorno prima, lasciando a pentola fortuna. Noleggio auto con assicurazione completa - Creta Autonoleggio- - Noleggio auto aeroporto di Heraklion. Maggior parte delle agenzie di Creta non comprendono le tasse o personali e collisione rinuncia danni CDW , assicurazione nei loro prezzi pubblicizzati, in modo da controllare con attenzione.

Abbiamo il coraggio di confrontare i nostri prezzi contro qualsiasi dei nostri concorrenti. Sostituiamo le nostre auto con altre nuove ogni tre anni, quindi i nostri veicoli sono in perfette condizioni e pronto per voi.