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Jim Jarmusch's new film, The Dead Don't Die, gnaws at some Then again, Jarmusch is also making fun of this cute little town and its.

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Of course, there are days we can finish earlier and days we get home even at 10 pm. After some time, you simply get used to it.

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Summer is our favourite season in Switzerland. We already managed to explore some of the most beautiful ones - check it out!

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We simply love it. There are plenty of awesome winter activities in Switzerland. That's definitely one of the reasons why we enjoy living in Switzerland so much! Thousands of different options with stunning landscape and sceneries! It never gets boring. A glimpse of that is covered in one of our blog posts.

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How is Life in Switzerland - Our Experience

Helene Thursday, 25 May A very interesting post, thank you for sharing! An expat myself in London , I am always interested to hear about experiences of other expats and whether the move was worth it. With the long working days, how do you find time for exploring? How much paid time off do you get in Switzerland? Sonja Friday, 26 May Hi Helene, thanks for coming by! I knew that question would come! Then there is overtime which many of companies allow you to compensate by taking some days off.

How is life in London? I imagine it a cool place to be but also working a lot.. Helene Sunday, 28 May London is certainly very well connected flight-wise to other destinations, but too congested for day trip car travels in my opinion. We spend so much time in traffic jams to just get out of London that we almost stopped using the car - I really wish it were easier to get around! Holiday-wise, I think the minimum is 20 vacation days I always had It's not too bad, but you can never have too many paid vacation days, right? Sonja Monday, 14 August Before moving out of Slovenia, we didn't know where to go, UK was an option too.

Where to Stay in Switzerland

But yeah, the working life seems to be similar to the one in Zurich ; To have a good work-life balance is hard in these cities, I assume.. Good luck with everything! Tetsuya Watanabe Friday, 12 April We will create the stream peace on earth by this story Please watch and share Nicole Thursday, 04 July I loved your post. It's always been a dream of mine to live in Switzerland since I was a child we lived in Germany for 2 years and visited Switzerland.

I taught English in Thailand for a year and have a Bachelors degree in Geological Engineering and am starting a course to get a certification in GIS, geospacial technology.

The Swiss mobilization of , which was proportionately the largest in Europe, comprising 40 percent of all Swiss men, was completed in two days. Besides the Army, Switzerland also has trained home guards and rifle clubs even in the remotest village. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience.

The War Pattern of Swiss Life | Foreign Affairs

Click here to learn more. In-depth analysis delivered weekly - Subscribe to our newsletter, featuring our editors' top picks from the past week. Sign in Subscribe. Subscribe Login Sign up. Foreign Policy. Trending U. Courtesy Reuters AS the war in Europe reaches its climax the position of Switzerland becomes more precarious. There Loading, please wait More: Switzerland.

Bowman III.

The War Pattern of Swiss Life

The Demolition of U. Stay informed.

Documentary about the city of Zurich (Switzerland)

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