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Henry does not notice and Elisa does not mention it to him. It's then that Elisa brings up an interest in the fights that night. She asks if "women ever go to the fights". Henry answers "Oh sure, some", but reminds her that she probably wouldn't like it.

The Red Pony, Chrysanthemums, and Flight

She agrees and says the night out alone will be plenty. She turns her head so he cannot see her crying. She also says she feels like an old woman. Elisa Allen - A thirty-five-year-old woman who lives on a ranch just across the Salinas River with her husband, Henry. Elisa is described as having a "lean and strong" face and eyes as "clear as water" and when wearing her gardening costume, she looks like she has a blocked and heavy figure.

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Henry Allen - Elisa's husband and who lives on the ranch with her. He loves Elisa's passion for the garden, but cannot seem to understand why she never uses her gift for anything else besides the chrysanthemums. The Man - A travelling mender who arrives on the road in a wagon that has a canvas painted with the words "Pots, pans, knives, sisors, lawn mores, Fixed. The Language of Flowers often translate to symbolism commonly within literature.

In "The Chrysanthemums," the chrysanthemum flowers are frequently used as a symbol throughout the story.

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The chrysanthemums are mentioned throughout the story and can be seen a symbol of Elisa. Chrysanthemum stems are long, strong, and tough which are symbolic of Elisa's masculine qualities. However, the flower itself is delicate and tender which represents the parts of Elisa that are feminine.

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The contradictory characteristics of chrysanthemums being both strong yet beautiful epitomize how Elisa is atypical of a woman for being both masculine and feminine. Elisa viewed it as letting herself be free and just getting hurt as an end result. Many critics also argue that the chrysanthemums are a symbol of women's frustration.

Another thing that the chrysanthemums symbolize is "Elisa's children". It is seen periodically throughout the story by how Elisa cares for and protects her chrysanthemums. Overall, the chrysanthemums symbolize Elisa's role as a woman in society.

In the beginning, they symbolize her children, but as we continue reading, they start to symbolize her femininity and sexuality. Elisa gets annoyed with her life because of the fact that a child and romantic encounters are nonexistent in her marriage. An incisive personal look at one of the most important political and economic global relationships, written by a major player in the world of international business and finance, The Chrysanthemum and the Eagle provides a readable and engaging tour of U.

Ryuzo Sato is C. An Adjunct Professor of the John F.


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Chrysanthemums reflect your very soul; you have to grow them with dedicated love and care. Prizes are awarded at the Kiku Matsuri.

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We asked Sugiyama what the criteria are for selecting the best from such an array of splendid specimens. Are the petals well-aligned or do they spread out every which way?

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One of our objectives is to preserve traditional varieties, so we also look at how well a flower meets the criteria for its variety. Negative points are given for the presence of bugs, signs of disease, or fallen leaves. Specimens of the same variety are further divided into sub-groups according to how they are grown and pruned. The blossoms are considered the most beautiful when they are staggered with the tallest blossom in the back representing the heavens, the one on the left earth, and the one on the right humankind. This triangular arrangement is achieved by meticulous attention to lighting and other factors as the blossoms are cultivated.

The way the flowers are timed to blossom simultaneously—and just in time for the festival—is an amazing technical feat. Sanbon-jitate specimens no more than 60 centimeters tall, known as daruma.

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