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Most women look up their current age in the book first and then read the book through.

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It can also help you to understand your wives, daughters, mothers, and friends. So do her emotions. The cycle was described as proceeding in 7 year increments, in accord with specific biological correlates such as the eruption of the second teeth at seven, the menarche at 14, and the menopause at But modern research indicates that not only do we continue to grow in wisdom as we age, but that the body continues to mature in a positive fashion after menopause. She wanted to experience deep pleasure, and enjoy the life that existed around her — not shut it out by emptying her being into nothingness.

She wanted to take those thoughts into herself and really hear them all — for the truths and untruths that they were — so that she could transcend them. She wanted to be in this imperfect body, with some extra kilograms here and some acne there — and yet see the radical beauty that she was as Woman.

1. Introduction

My feminine soul wanted a life of authentic feminine empowerment. And that meant reclaiming her sensuality. The masculine can be depicted by the Universe — empty, present, endless in possibility and strength. Masculine spiritual pursuits include sitting on the side of a mountain in meditation for 10 decades, as the ancient yogis once did.

Feminine spiritual pursuits are to cherish all things of beauty, vibrancy and life. She dances and sings her soulful truth, through the temple of her body. Embracing myself as a living, breathing, vibrant embodiment of the divine feminine meant embracing myself as sensual. A woman who takes pleasure in her senses, who takes pleasure in her body and life. A woman who is turned on by being herself. A woman who puts her pleasure first. My experience has been that all women secretly, deeply desire to be sensual.

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As a society, we are cultured to believe that sensuality has so many taboo meanings. Yet when we strip away all the shame, blame and marketing that surrounds sensuality we realize a deeper truth. For many of us sensuality for many of us feels foreign. Women role modelling authentic, empowered sensuality, based in spirituality love rather than agenda money are few and far between.

Sensuality is noticing the feel of that fabric as it brushes your skin. Of taking blissful delight of the colour of the sun as it pours through the leaves outside your bedroom window. Sensuality is sleeping naked and touching your skin. Sensuality is being with the sensations, without judgement. This is true sensuality. Collectively the divine feminine is spoken of in many circles.

Her power is awakening and women, myself included, desire more fluid-filled feminine lives. Ready to put this into practice? Compassion and empathy is not a gender privilege and we need women to express themselves fully without intimidation or fear of retribution.

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And finally, I need to continue to explore what it means for me to be a woman, a daughter, a sister, a mother and a wife. Being resilient, truthful and clear about my dreams and aspirations will contribute to the beauty that life is, especially when I have the capacity to share from love, humour and forgiveness.

Together we can and do make significant and meaningful contributions to life And this offering is experienced one woman at a time, one relationship at a time, one breath at a time. May all women celebrate the beauty that we are.

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May our voices rise above and may our hearts unite as one. As a woman, I was an expert at connecting with others, helping them reach their goals, doing what it takes to make them happy and listening to their life stories. I was such an expert at looking after others that I forget about me! Until one day I became so trapped in my game that I was no longer able to connect to my own femininity, my gut feeling. Because I had totally lost all heart connection to my feminine nature. Who was this woman in the mirror? It was a very pivotal moment for me.

My life transformed completely when I attended a Journey Intensive in Romania. I clearly remember on that first morning, after remaining silent for years my inner voice spoke, saying: You are most beautiful! Words that I had never heard before, from anybody. The Journey Intensive seminar allowed me to be open and flourish as a woman through quieting my mind, and allowing my held emotions to be expressed, from the kind, warming moments of sharing with others to the gentle meditations throughout the day.

Everything caused my body, my mind, my being to relax and allowed me to deepen on my own inner journey, to open more and more, express my deepest fears, anger and sadness and reconnect to my own femininity in a safe, loving and supportive environment. Attending a Journey Intensive only for women creates a deep trust and bond, a sisterhood of embracing love, support and compassion. It allows an openness of mind, of new possibilities and a shift in consciousness for our world. When women come together and express from truth and authenticity, from the depths of their natural feminine wisdom it becomes possible for this healing to ripple out into our families, communities and the world.

Listen to your inner calling and make the decision to free yourself from your pain, fear and anger. Imagine how it will feel in every moment to live life knowing you are beautiful, you are strong, you are divine perfection without anybody having to tell you that. Give yourself the gift of loving yourself from the inside out.

Life brought me to the Journey when I was dealing with my vulnerability issues. I had already read Brandon's book in but only made it to the Journey Intensive Seminar when Brandon came to Slovakia in I had always felt a burden of responsibility on my shoulders — a need to be a strong, responsible and reasonable girl and daughter. Yes, I loved fun and had always been quite sensitive, but I neglected this part of me. After my Mum passed away, I unconsciously shut down even more to my feelings of vulnerability. Instead I faced the world as an even stronger version of me, not sharing, not asking for any help or support.

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I had an 'I can handle it on my own, can't you see? No wonder I felt isolated and lonely, even when surrounded by friends and loved ones. My feminine side suffered because of my arrogance. I did not want to show it, not even to my loved ones.