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Nophaie, however, is torn between the two cultures and the complications of loving a white woman. Wayne Cameron leaves Boston to seek his fortune out West. The tenderfoot joins a crew of Western Union workers constructing a telegraph line along the Oregon Trail.

Wayne and his friends cross hundreds of miles of mountains and treeless plains full of buffalo, hostile Indians, and other perils. East of the Absaroka Range, the mountain man called Preacher encounters an unfriendly band of Arapaho and their terrified captives. The Pardee brothers, along with renegade Indians expelled from various tribes, live by raiding and killing settlers traveling along the Oregon Trail.

Mountain man Preacher learns of their schemes and sets out to defeat them. When cutthroats attack the wagon train and kidnap the women, Preacher launches a rescue. Violence and some strong language. With a high price on his head, Preacher flees back west to the High Lonesome, towing a sick little boy and pursued by a small army of bounty hunters.

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After escorting some missionaries to safety, Preacher rounds up old friends Beartooth, Nighthawk, and Dupre for a final showdown with Pease, whose dealings incite an Indian war. They capture Preacher and his friend, Philadelphia Braddock, and make them train as gladiators. Violence and some descriptions of sex. He discovers a plot by some white men to incite a war leading to total destruction of the Indians. Art makes friends and enemies, lives with the Shawnee, and learns to shoot in the U. Army—all along the way to becoming a man and a legend.

Art, a young mountain man, is betrayed while leading a trapping party up the Missouri River to make peace and is imprisoned by vengeful Blackfeet Indians.

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But the night before he is about to die, Art wins the respect of his captors, his freedom, and a new name—Preacher. Louis accuser, brothel owner Jennie, the only woman Preacher ever loved. When Preacher finds out he seeks justice. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. While guiding them back to the nearest settlement, he grows suspicious and uncovers the real reason for the Indian attack. But rumors of riches have attracted other, more sinister treasure hunters.

Johnstone read by John Polk Preacher turns down an offer to help guide a group of tenderfooted Easterners through the Rockies.

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But after a deadly attack, Preacher has no choice but to join the expedition, which is pursued by Indians and outlaws. Johnstone read by John Polk St. Two cousins hoping to open a trading post hire mountain man Preacher to guide them out west.

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Preacher, postponing an opportunity for vengeance, joins the expedition. But a beautiful stowaway brings trouble to the wagon train. Johnstone read by John Polk At a remote Rocky Mountain settlement, Preacher meets newcomer Laura Mallory, who wants to bring railway service to the outpost. While Preacher is distracted by Laura and outlaws trying to kill him , Indians backed by foreign agents attack.

In Barbed Wire Doug Monahan finds his fencing company opposed by a former Confederate officer and his ruthless foreman. In Llano River a wealthy cattleman hires cowboy Dundee to discover who is rustling his stock. The boy, Rusty Shannon, is eventually rescued, grows up to become a ranger, and—years later—has another encounter with Buffalo Caller.

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The plains are almost devoid of buffalo. Only one large herd remains, but it is in Comanche territory. Gage Jameson joins a group of skinners desperate enough to venture into the hostile land and risk their lives. Hewey Calloway settles down and, with his nephew Tommy, runs the Circle W ranch. Hewey is seriously injured trying to prove he can still break a horse. The mishap has one benefit, though; he gets reacquainted with an old girlfriend. The town is governed by Sheriff Dave Buckalew.

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He has his hands full with such people as Slim McIntyre, who steps right into a load of trouble; Victor and Elise Underwood, hardworking oil prospectors; and Big Boy Daugherty, who brings a wave of crime. Unfortunately for Johnny Fristo and Speck Quitman, Haggard is an enemy, for he holds them responsible for the death of his wife. Even though the law says they are innocent, Haggard tracks them down, and now they meet at the violently churning waters of Horsehead Crossing.

He gambled most of his payoff money in a poker game, rode into Titusville, and took an offer to pull a couple of hot irons out of the fire. He holds steadfast to his land while things conspire against him, and an unexpected twist resolves the situation. When the sheriff comes to investigate, the translator makes an error that leads to a misunderstanding that ends in a shooting.

Comanches attack the Barfield family, killing both parents and taking Todd captive. Todd is sold to a trader, and his brother Jeffrey, who was hiding, is brought to a homesteading family who have lost a son. The boys survive separately until the Civil War brings a change of fate.

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  4. Known at first as a pumpkin roller a green farmboy with no knowledge of ranching , Trey soon learns the trade. But not without some problems—and a little romance—along the way. Brothers Hewey and Walter Calloway hire on at C. Walter meets a girl, but to keep him from settling down Hewey volunteers them both for a cattle drive. Meanwhile, a fugitive outlaw stalks Hewey and a range feud ignites. Other members fought on opposite sides in the Civil War, but they all band together when the Comanches protest their presence. Accompanying him are newly married Nigel and Arletta Smithwick and Cap Doolittle, who have all soured on their roles in the buffalo massacre.

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    The plan is to raise cattle, but first Layne must deal with Vesper Freed. His problems are compounded by ineffectual federal aid programs and difficulties with Mexican ranch workers. Released from slavery, Gideon Ledbetter joins the U. The Mulkerins need it badly to keep their ranch in Malibu. With the help of an Indian who has mystical powers—and is willing to help them find the treasure—the family confronts a band of frontier enemies interested in their land and the possibility of gold.

    Soon after young Val Trevallion accompanies his family from England to America for a shot at the California gold rush, thieves kill his parents. Orphan Val grows up, becomes a successful miner, and awaits the opportunity for revenge. Rustlers use the canyon to drive stolen cattle across the mountains, desperate men skulk in it, and bandits use it for ambushes.

    As miners and shopkeepers move in, violence and murder become a way of life until loner Matt Coburn comes in to clean the town up. When his enemies threaten him and the woman he loves, Cullen makes a stand using a new method of gunfighting—the fast draw. Now a successful financier, James T. Kettleman—with a wife who wants him dead and a diagnosis of cancer—decides to live out his days quietly in the ranch country of his youth as Jim Flint.

    An ongoing land swindle and a woman in need, however, force him back into action. Soon the whole town is taking sides and a vicious battle begins. He and his partner, as good a man with a rifle as there ever was, are making things tough for the rustlers lifting Bar J cattle.

    Then Ann Farley comes to stay with her brother and vigilantes cut them down. Pronto and his partner know they are in real trouble because men who will shoot at a woman will do anything. Mabry decides to escort them on the journey because he distrusts their unsavory guide Andy Barker, who Mabry believes is after their secret cargo—and because Mabry has fallen in love with actress Janice Ryan.

    So why are they up on High Lonesome Mountain, risking it all to save a young girl and her pa from a vicious Apache attack? Hondo Lane approaches her homestead on foot to buy a horse. Soon Angie and Hondo are involved in a tale of love, war, and honor. Based on the screenplay of the same name.

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    Now the reluctant marshal of a small Kansas town, he faces a vengeful trail driver and a murderous gang of gold thieves who will take more iron than even hanaghy can pack into two fists. Vengeance then becomes the name of the game. But he did not die; he met Willy Reilly—a gentleman, a gambler, and the best rifle shot in the West. Reilly knew the odds and played them, but what were the odds in taking on a frightened young boy?

    They should be read in the following order:. When he arrives, he finds that Dick and his daughter Pam are being held by a band of outlaws. Cassidy is determined to free the Jordans, but it will mean a flight through Apache territory and a fight with a man who lives by the law of greed. One man is dead, the other badly hurt, so Cassidy heads to town for a doctor.